Acouphonic decided to put all his experience out in achieving instrument cables. It is often difficult to find a good quality product, which will last in time. It is because of this realization made with many musicians and technicians, we decided to offer our cables.

The Acouphonic cables are manufactured with carefully selected components. The plugs are manufactured in the USA by Switchcraft®, the cable is manufactured in Germany by Sommer Cable®.
Of course we can create the cables you want, to order, so do not hesitate!

Instrument cables

The core is made of a copper wire with a diameter of 0.50 mm², it consists of 28 copper litz wires, what respect the signal perfectly, even with long lengths. The signal is protected by a screen consisting of a dense mesh of tinned copper. The cable is securely isolated and protected in its sheath lacquered polyethylene.

At each end, a Switchcraft® 280 plugs – 6.3mm mono (it can be replaced by taking 226 – angled on request)

  • Unbalanced signal cable.
  • OFC (oxygen-free)
  • Capacity conductor / shield for 1 m 78 pF
  • Conductor resistance for 1 km: 36 Ω
  • Insulation resistance for 1 km: 0.01
  • Diameter: 6.5mm
  • Conductor diameter: 1 x 0.80 mm
  • Number of strand by conductor: 28
  • Screen: tinned copper mesh
  • Temperature range: -40 ° C to +80 ° C (-40 ° F to 176 ° F)

The cables are available in 3 lengths:

  • 3 meters (9.8ft) : 30 €
  • 6 meters (19.7ft) : 40
  • 10 meters (32.8ft) : 50

And of course, the solder joints are tropicalized, to prevent corrosion, even in the most humid environments!

Switchcraft® 280 plug and 226 angled version.

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