Custom build

At Acouphonic we use for our repairs and our buildings the best components available on the market.

We are constantly looking to satisfy a principle, which for us remains essential: quality.

Acouphonic was born with the ambition to respect and perpetuate the know-how of manufacturers and “serviceman” of old. With us, no circuit, everything is securely mounted on lug bars, wired with passion and discipline. A light fixture is much more robust and more easily accessible for maintenance.

We strive to meet military standards dedicated to the electronics of the 40s to the 60s.

Acouphonic offers: guitar / bass amplifiers, effects (fuzz, overdrive ) preamplifiers and devices for the studio, high-fidelity amplifiers and custom production, according to your expectations.

In our constructions we use this type of components to achieve the highest quality:

  •  Dale® resistors RN65D & RN70D MIL-R-10509 – USA
  •  Sprague® Little-Lytic, electrochemical capacitors – USA
  • Vintage Tone capacitors Jupiter® – USA
  • MKP capacitors SCR® France
  • Switchcraft® connectors – USA
  • and much more … (Ohmite, Fischer & Tausche, Mallory )

électronique artisanale